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PsycheWire is curated by Sabrina Pratt. Sabrina practices intuitive healing and is available for client readings 1:1 and in small group sessions. Sabrina offers online classes in intuitive healing and development. She is available for public speaking engagements and intuitive healing workshops.

Sabrina is the host of the Psyche Wire podcast (a podcast for creative intuitives) and the co-host of the Ignite Podcast (a podcast for brave souls living powerful, unconventional lives beyond their wildest dreams).

Sabrina is also the owner and founding artistic director of the Central Coast Comedy Theater. She teaches improv & sketch comedy classes, produces comedy shows and facilitates corporate improv workshops.


Sabrina lives on the Central Coast of California with her epically adorably instacatsensation , Butters (@Buttersmowmow), her celebrity dog, Scout, and her amazing partner, Ryan.

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